Name suppression for Twizel man on child sex-related charges

It was jail instead of bail over Christmas-New Year for a Twizel man who appeared in the Timaru District Court on Tuesday.


It was jail instead of bail over Christmas-New Year for a Twizel man who appeared in the Timaru District Court on Tuesday.

A Twizel man facing 10 charges, six alleging child sex-related offending, will spend Christmas in custody.

The 29-year-old was granted interim name suppression when he made his first appearance on the charges in the Timaru District Court before Judge Dominic Dravitzki on Tuesday.

The man, who was taken into custody on Monday, sought bail through his lawyer Katherine Basire but Judge Dravitzki said he was “not satisfied” to grant bail.

Basire did successfully apply for name suppression until the man’s next appearance on February 7, 2024, when substantive evidence would be needed for it to continue, the judge said.

The alleged offending, all in 2023, stretches from March 7 to December 7.

Allegations are:

May 2, 2023: Possessing objectionable publications on a cellphone (442 video files and three image files) and a second cellphone (72 video files and 16 image files).

March 7: Distributed an objectionable publication, a video, depicting sexual abuse of a child and young person, to another person knowing it was objectionable.

March 27: Distributed an objectionable publication – three photo files depicting sexual abuse of children and young people – to another person knowing it was objectionable.

September 18-December 7: Intentionally exposed a person under 16 to indecent material, namely asking for a sex act in return for a vape pen by text message and exposed the same person to indecent material, a picture, via Snapchat.

March 7, April 30, July 14 and December 18: Failed to comply with reporting obligations in failing to disclose a Facebook account, an email address, a new mobile phone number and a Snapchat account respectively.

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