Best Wedding Photo Albums to Capture Your Special Day


Apart from maybe your wedding dress or outfit, jewelry, and shoes, there are few things from your wedding day that you will keep forever. But one other is the memories you make, memories that are often immortalized in the photos taken throughout the day. 

Indeed, it’s the photos that you will return to over and over to relive the joy and love you felt while saying “I do” in front of all your family and friends, and there is no better way to hold onto them than by creating a keepsake-quality photo album.

To help you find the album you’ll want to display proudly, we researched the best available to compile our list of favorites. Here are our top picks for the best wedding photo albums.

Our top wedding photo album picks

Best classic wedding photo album: Artifact Uprising Wedding Layflat Photo Album

This wedding album from Artifact Uprising is super popular for a reason: With six size options, 14 cover fabric colors, and other customizable elements, you can create the exact high-quality album you want. The pages are thick, the look is timeless, and it comes with a satisfaction guarantee. You can even add a handcrafted wooden box for storing additional wedding memorabilia. 

Specifications:Starting price on publish: $140-254Cover material: FabricNumber of pages: 20-90Design services offered: YesWhat we like:Five charming wedding-specific cover text designs to choose fromVery reasonably priced with design services offered for a slight additional costWhat we don’t like:If you want to add pages beyond the standard 20, the price is going to increase quickly at $10-13.50 per added spread

Best classic wedding photo album

Wedding Layflat Photo Album

Best budget wedding photo album: Shutterfly Wedding Photo Album Photo Book

For a book that will elegantly display your wedding photos on good-quality paper and won’t break the bank, look to the photo experts at Shutterfly. You can access one of their wedding-specific design themes, plus the option to design from scratch or use autofill, all for a steal. 

Specifications:Starting price on publish: $20Cover material: Soft cover (hard cover and premium leather also offered)Number of pages: 20+Design services offered: YesWhat we like:If you decide while designing that you want to spend more, there are more luxurious covers and page types offeredAll designs have a photo on the coverWhat we don’t like:It might be tricky to make changes to the design if you don’t make the whole thing from scratch

Best mini wedding photo album: Snapfish Hardcover Photo Book

Perfect for compiling photos that your guests took on their phones, either instead of or alongside any professional photos, Snapfish’s wedding-themed albums start at 5×7 in softcover and 6×8 in hardcover. Whether you want to be able to travel with your album or you’re looking for one that will fit your minimalist lifestyle, this is a quality and inexpensive pick. 

Specifications:Starting price on publish: $13-16Cover material: Soft or hardcoverNumber of pages: 20-150Design services offered: NoWhat we like:Multiple wedding design themes to choose fromYou can order other items, such as canvases or photo gifts, at the same timeWhat we don’t like:With a small album, you’ll have true paper pages and a traditional binding 

Best mini wedding photo album

Hardcover Photo Book, 6×8, starting price: $17.99

Best elegant wedding photo album: Zola Premier Wedding Album

Zola is one of the most popular sites for planning your wedding, designing a wedding website, and creating a registry, so it’s no surprise that they also make elegant wedding albums. The Premier option, their middle type, comes in two timeless cover materials, 19 colors, and five different sizes. Plus, their design tool will arrange your photos for you to help you get started—from there, you can move them around yourself. 

Specifications:Starting price on publish: $189Cover material: Linen or vegan leatherNumber of pages: 20-80Design services offered: NoWhat we like:If your wedding registry is on Zola, you can add the album to your registryThe website offers advice on the most popular covers, album sizes, layouts, and number of pages, plus the average album creation time, to help you get startedWhat we don’t like:The base price is for 20 pages, yet they say most couples use 30-40 pages, which would be an additional $50-100 

Best elegant wedding photo album

Best digital wedding photo album: Aura Carver Digital Photo Frame

For the couple who wants to relive their big day over and over without flipping through an album, this digital photo frame is the perfect alternative. It displays portrait photos side by side as well as landscape photos, it looks more like a pretty picture frame than an actual electronic device, and it can even play music or the sound with videos to really take you back to saying “I do.”

Specifications:Price on publish: $149Cover material: N/ANumber of pages: N/ADesign services offered: N/AWhat we like:You can add unlimited photos and videosAt 10.5 by 7.3 inches, you’ll likely see your photos larger than you would have in an albumWhat we don’t like:It does need to stay plugged in and connected to WiFi

Best digital wedding photo album

Aura Carver Digital Photo Frame

Aura Carver Digital Photo Frame

Best leather wedding photo album: Printique Leather Photo Album

While many companies do offer durable, classic leather as a cover option, none have quite as many color options as Printique. You can choose from 13 different colors of vegan leather or 12 different colors of genuine leather, in either a classic, metallic, or rugged finish. Add to that three different album shapes and four different sizes, and you can create the leather wedding album of your dreams. 

Specifications:Starting price on publish: $138-186Cover material: Vegan leather or genuine leatherNumber of pages: 10-100Design services offered: NoWhat we like:Pre-designed wedding-themed layouts make designing a breezeThe different album shapes—portrait, square, and landscape—are a unique offeringWhat we don’t like:Starting prices are for a 20-page album, yet you can do as few as 10 pages, which is a little confusing

Best leather wedding photo album

Printique Leather Photo Album, Starting price:$138

Best scrapbook-style wedding photo album: Arcoalbum Velvet Scrapbook Album

For the couple who wants to incorporate keepsakes from their wedding or record anecdotes and memories alongside photos, this scrapbook-style album is perfect. The velvet cover is able to be personalized, so the book will feel just as special and luxurious as a “fancier” album. Plus, you can choose the number of pages and paper color you want within. 

Specifications:Starting price on publish: $147Cover material: VelvetNumber of pages: 10-100Design services offered: NoWhat we like:The seller will send a mock-up of your cover for approval before printing and shippingThere are 29 cover colors and numerous fonts and font colors to choose fromWhat we don’t like:It’s just the album, so you’ll need to print your photos and collect your scrapbooking tools separately

Best scrapbook-style wedding photo album

Arcoalbum Velvet Scrapbook Album

Best oversized wedding photo album: RECUTMS Photo Album

If you just can’t imagine whittling your photos down to a curated set, consider this traditional-style photo album. At 13.2 inches tall, 13.6 inches wide and 2.4 inches thick, it can fit a whopping 600 photos in both landscape and portrait. This is an “old-fashioned” photo album, meaning you’ll print 4×6 photos and then insert them into the pages, but you’ll fit more in this album than in any other. 

Specifications:Starting price on publish: $25Cover material: Artificial leatherNumber of pages: 120Design services offered: NoWhat we like:The pages have black lining between the photos, giving it a more polished and stylish appearanceThere are 32 cover color options, many of which have one or more photo windowsWhat we don’t like:Remember that you will need to pay to print all those snaps separately

Best oversized wedding photo album

RECUTMS Photo Album 4×6 Holds 600 Photos Button Grain Larger Capacity Leather Cover Black Inner Page (White)

Best splurge wedding photo album: PikPerfect Premium Layflat Wedding Album

If you want to go big, there’s no better place to do it than PikPerfect. Want to add a cameo window or acrylic glass to your leather cover? Go for it. Want to add a matching album box or additional smaller duplicate albums for your parents or friends? Can do. Want to include up to 250 photos? Yep, you can do that too.

Specifications:Starting price on publish: $199-535Cover material: Photo, linen, vegan leather, microsuede, linen velvet, velvet, or real leatherNumber of pages: 24-80Design services offered: YesWhat we like:Three different types of photo paper to achieve the exact aesthetic you wantGives design recommendations before requiring extra cost to work with the design serviceWhat we don’t like:All the options can be a little overwhelming

Best splurge wedding photo album

PikPerfect Premium Layflat Wedding Album

PikPerfect Premium Layflat Wedding Album

What to consider when choosing a wedding photo album

Photo orientation and size

Your wedding photo album should encapsulate everything you want to remember about your special day and those memories shouldn’t be limited by the structure of your album. When choosing one, make sure you can add landscape and portrait photos and that your photos can be of different sizes. While you likely want to include some detailed shots of your wedding shoes or engagement ring, for example, they don’t need to be as large as the snaps of your entire wedding party. 

Cover style

When you’re not flipping through your album, the cover is what you will be looking at, so choosing a style that fits you is important. If you’re planning to display the album somewhere visible, such as on a bookshelf or coffee table, you may want to consider the design style and aesthetic of the space as well. Likewise, many albums allow you to add text and/or a photo to the cover—if one or both of these is important to you, make sure you choose an album with them as an option. 

Paper style

Consider if you want the pages to be paper or a thicker material. If it is an option, always choose an album that can be opened up and lays flat as this will allow you to design pages with photos going across the gutter, or the inside of the book spine, which will give you much more flexibility in terms of layouts. 


Some wedding photographers will offer an album as part of their package, so check to make sure you aren’t already paying for one before you begin pricing one out on your own. Once that’s confirmed, determine your budget, keeping in mind that this is a keepsake you’ll have forever. 

How we selected the best wedding photo albums

To find the best wedding photo albums available, we scoured the market, looking for the companies that offer the highest quality products and tools that make it easy to design an album from scratch. Many of our favorites also offer design services for an additional cost, which earned them bonus points—we didn’t want a lack of time or inexperience with design to stop any couples from finding the perfect album to memorialize their special day. 

We also leaned towards products that offered lots of options in terms of album sizes, cover materials, page templates, and the like. If a couple changes their mind about something halfway through a design, we didn’t want them to have to totally abandon the project and start from scratch somewhere else. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much should wedding photo albums cost?

The albums on this list span a wide range of price points, from under $20 to over $500. You can create a really high quality album for between $100 and $200; from there, the price is going to increase if you want a more expensive cover material, like leather, or if you want to add many more pages than are quoted in the base price of the album. 

Are wedding photo albums worth it?

We think so! It’s one thing to have all your wedding photos in the cloud or on a USB drive, but it’s another entirely to have a selection of them that perfectly encapsulates your special day in a physical album that you can pull out and look at whenever you like. 

How many photos are typically in a wedding album?

My wedding album has 55 photos in it and features a good mix of pre-wedding snaps, ceremony moments, poses with the family and wedding party, and candid shots from the reception. To get that variety without going overboard, shoot for 50-60 photos. That said, some of the albums on this list can hold hundreds, so it’s up to you how many you’d like to include.

What is the best size for a wedding photo album?

The most popular sizes for wedding photo albums are 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, as well as rectangle sizes in a similar range. These allow for a variety of sizes of photos to fit on the pages without any getting too small that details are lost or too big that photo quality suffers.

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