The Ultimate Tool for Artistic Photography: Pentax K-1 Mark II with D-FA 28-105 WR Lens


Welcome to our review of the Pentax K-1⁣ Mark II ‌with D-FA 28-105 WR Lens! We had the pleasure of testing out this incredible ⁤camera, and let us tell you, it blew us ‍away. ‌The K-1 Mark II truly sets a new ‍standard⁣ for the 35mm full-frame K series, delivering rich colors, exquisite detail,​ and a remarkable sense of depth in every shot. We were amazed by the beautiful bokeh ​and the well-defined images that this camera produced.

But it’s not just the image quality that impressed us. The K-1 Mark ​II is packed with features that make it a dream tool for photographers. With its optical viewfinder providing nearly 100%⁣ field of view, focusing⁤ on your subject becomes a breeze. And with ‌a top sensitivity of ISO819200, low light situations are no ‌longer a challenge.

One standout feature of the⁤ K-1 Mark II⁢ is⁣ the PIXEL⁢ SHIFT RESOLUTION SYSTEM II, a cutting-edge technology that⁣ goes beyond traditional image capture. This system produces high-quality⁤ images with unparalleled clarity and detail. Additionally, the new-generation 5-axis, 5-step shake reduction II compensates for camera shake,​ ensuring sharp, blur-free shots every time.

The weather-resistant construction of the K-1 Mark II, with 87 weather seals and an optional watertight battery grip, keeps your camera protected from‍ water and dust. The dust removal II⁢ mechanism also prevents unwanted spots from appearing on your images.

With ⁣its‍ 36.4 effective megapixels, the K-1 Mark II delivers high-resolution images that showcase every detail. And the dual card slot allows for large-volume image data filing on 2 ⁣SD memory cards, giving ⁢you plenty of storage space.

Another feature that impressed us is the flexible tilt-type LCD ‌monitor. This ​innovative mechanism allows you to tilt ⁣the ‌monitor to any desired angle along the optical axis, making it easier⁣ to capture shots from unique perspectives.

And for those interested in astronomical ‍photography, the K-1 Mark⁤ II’s ASTROTRACER⁣ feature simplifies capturing celestial bodies without the need for an equatorial mount. The GPS module, electronic compass, and SR II mechanism work ⁣together⁤ to make astrophotography a breeze.

Overall, the Pentax K-1 Mark II with D-FA 28-105 WR Lens is ⁣a‍ game-changer in the world of digital cameras. Its outstanding image quality, advanced features, weather-resistant construction, and flexible​ LCD⁣ monitor make it a ‌top‍ choice for photographers. We were thoroughly impressed with ‌our experience using this camera,⁤ and we have no doubt that you will be too. Stay tuned for more in-depth insights and sample⁤ shots in our upcoming ⁤review!

Overview: Introducing the Pentax K-1 Mark ⁢II w/ D-FA 28-105 WR Lens

The Ultimate Tool for Artistic Photography: ‍Pentax K-1 ‍Mark II with D-FA 28-105 WR Lens
Introducing the​ Pentax‌ K-1 ‌Mark II w/ D-FA 28-105 WR Lens, the new standard of the‌ 35mm full-frame K series. Designed to bring out the photographer’s true inspiration, ​this high-resolution digital ⁣camera delivers rich colors, subtle shades, and a beautiful bokeh ⁤that adds ⁣a well-defined sense of ⁢depth to your photographs. With its advanced image-processing system, the K-1 ⁤Mark II ensures outstanding image quality that meets the demands of every photographer.

Featuring an⁣ optical viewfinder ⁤with nearly ‌100% field of view,‍ this camera offers a clear view of your subject, making‌ it easy to⁤ focus and compose your shots. The top sensitivity of ISO819200 enhances image quality, even in challenging‍ low light situations, giving you the freedom to capture stunning photos in any setting.⁢ The PIXEL SHIFT RESOLUTION SYSTEM II, a cutting-edge technology by Pentax, takes ​image capture to⁣ a whole ⁣new level, producing high-quality images that go beyond ‌traditional methods.

The K-1 Mark II⁣ also boasts the new-generation shake reduction II, a 5-axis, 5 shutter step camera shake compensation ​system. This ensures sharp and blur-free images, even ‍when shooting handheld or in challenging⁤ conditions. Its⁣ dustproof and weather-resistant construction, with 87 weather seals, guarantees the camera’s durability and prevents water and ⁤dust intrusion. The‍ dust ⁣removal II mechanism further‌ enhances image quality by effectively eliminating dust particles ⁤from the image sensor surface.

Equipped⁢ with a 36.4 effective megapixel sensor, the ⁢K-1 Mark II delivers high-resolution ⁣images that showcase every detail‌ with ‍outstanding clarity. Its‌ dual card slot allows for large-volume image data filing ‍on 2 SD memory cards, ensuring you‌ never⁤ run out of storage space when capturing precious moments. ⁣The flexible tilt-type LCD monitor adds to the camera’s versatility, ⁣allowing you⁢ to adjust the angle along the optical axis and capture shots from unique perspectives.

But​ that’s not all! The K-1 Mark II comes with the ASTROTRACER feature‍ that simplifies astronomical photography of⁤ celestial bodies. By utilizing its GPS module, Electronic ‌Compass, and SR⁢ II⁤ mechanism,‍ you can explore the wonders⁣ of the night sky without the need ⁤for an equatorial mount.

In summary, the Pentax K-1 Mark II w/ D-FA 28-105 WR Lens is a powerful and versatile full-frame digital camera that exceeds expectations. ⁢With its superior image quality, advanced ‍features, and robust construction, this camera opens up ⁤a world of possibilities for photographers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a professional seeking ⁣to ⁤create impressive works of art or ‌a hobbyist looking to capture memorable moments, the K-1 ​Mark II is the perfect companion for your creative journey.

Distinctive Features: Unraveling the High Resolution and Shake Reduction ‍System

The Ultimate Tool for Artistic Photography: Pentax ‌K-1 Mark II with ‌D-FA 28-105 WR‌ Lens
The distinctive features of the Pentax‍ K-1 Mark II‌ with D-FA 28-105 WR Lens⁣ are truly impressive, setting it⁢ apart from other digital cameras. With ‍its 36.4MP full-frame high resolution, this​ camera delivers ‍exceptional image quality⁣ that brings out rich colors,⁤ subtle shades, and a beautiful bokeh ​effect. The image-processing system of the K-1 ⁣Mark‍ II ensures‍ that photographers can capture stunning images that are high in resolution, gradation, and bokeh rendition.

One of the ‌standout⁤ features of the Pentax K-1 Mark II is its advanced​ shake reduction system. With its 5-axis, 5 steps shake reduction II, this camera compensates for camera⁢ shake, allowing photographers to capture sharp and clear images even in ⁢challenging ⁢shooting situations. This is especially useful ​when shooting in low light conditions where camera shake can often be a problem.

The weather-resistant‍ construction of the ‍K-1‌ Mark II is another exceptional feature. With⁢ 87 weather seals and a watertight design, this camera is dustproof and⁤ can withstand various weather conditions. This means⁢ that photographers can confidently shoot‌ in any environment without worrying about the intrusion of water or dust. Additionally, the dust removal II mechanism effectively eliminates all dust particles from the image sensor‌ surface, ensuring that your ‌captured images are free from unwanted spots.

The Pentax K-1 ‍Mark II also offers practical features such as a dual card⁤ slot ⁢for convenient large-volume image data filing on two SD ⁤memory cards. The flexible tilt-type LCD monitor allows ⁣photographers to easily and creatively frame ​their⁤ shots by tilting⁤ the monitor to their desired angle. Furthermore, the ASTROTRACER ​feature simplifies astronomical ⁣photography without the need for an equatorial mount, making it easier than ever to capture celestial bodies.

In conclusion, the distinctive features of the Pentax ⁣K-1 Mark II with D-FA 28-105 WR​ Lens truly elevate this camera to the level of a flagship‌ model. From its high resolution and shake reduction system to its weather-resistant ⁣construction and flexible LCD monitor, this camera is designed to deliver exceptional image quality and meet the demands of professional photographers.

In-depth Analysis: Exploring the Weather-resistant Construction and Flexible Tilt-Type LCD Monitor

The Ultimate Tool for Artistic Photography: Pentax K-1 Mark ⁣II with D-FA 28-105 WR Lens
In-depth Analysis: Exploring⁤ the ‍Weather-resistant Construction and Flexible Tilt-Type LCD Monitor

When it⁣ comes ⁣to ⁣capturing breathtaking images that transcend mere records and transform into ‌impressive works of art, the ‍PENTAX K-1 Mark II stands as the new standard in the world of 35mm full-frame ⁣cameras. With its advanced image-processing‌ system, ​this flagship model delivers stunning image quality that satisfies the demands of photographers. The⁤ result? Rich colors and subtle shades, beautiful bokeh,‌ and‌ a well-defined ​sense⁤ of depth.

One of the standout features of the PENTAX K-1 Mark ​II is its weather-resistant construction. With 87 weather seals ‍and a watertight design on the optional D-BG6 Battery Grip, this camera ensures that water and ‍dust won’t compromise your shooting⁤ experience. No matter the weather conditions, you can confidently⁤ pursue your ‌passion for photography without worrying about the integrity of your equipment.

Next, let’s talk‍ about the flexible tilt-type LCD monitor. This innovative mechanism allows you to tilt the monitor‌ to any desired angle along⁤ the optical axis. Whether‌ you want to shoot from a high or low perspective, or you simply prefer composing your ⁤shots‌ from a different angle, the flexible tilt-type LCD monitor provides you with the flexibility and convenience you need. Say goodbye to contorting your body to get the perfect shot, ‌and say⁢ hello to a more comfortable⁣ and enjoyable shooting experience.

In conclusion, the PENTAX K-1⁣ Mark II with the D-FA ‌28-105 ​WR Lens is a high-resolution digital camera that combines exceptional image‌ quality with advanced features. ​From its ⁢weather-resistant construction to its flexible tilt-type ⁣LCD monitor, this camera truly excels in​ providing the tools and capabilities that both professional⁤ and amateur photographers crave. So, if you’re⁣ looking to elevate your photography to the next level, the PENTAX​ K-1 Mark II won’t disappoint.

The Ultimate Tool for Artistic Photography: Pentax K-1 Mark II with D-FA 28-105 WR Lens
Our verdict on the Pentax K-1⁣ Mark II with⁣ D-FA 28-105 WR Lens is that ​it is an impressive full frame camera that delivers ‍exceptional image quality and versatile features. With⁤ its rich colors, ⁣subtle shades, and beautiful bokeh, this camera truly captures‌ the photographer’s vision and transforms photographs into works of art.

One of the standout features of the K-1 Mark II is its new, advanced⁣ image-processing system, which produces images that are rich in color, high in resolution, ‍and superb in bokeh rendition. Coupled with its top sensitivity⁣ of ISO819200, this camera excels in low⁤ light ⁢situations and delivers outstanding​ image quality, even in challenging⁤ lighting conditions. Additionally, the PIXEL SHIFT RESOLUTION SYSTEM II, a unique PENTAX technology,⁤ enhances image capture beyond the capabilities of traditional methods.

We were also impressed with the K-1 Mark II’s built-in shake reduction II⁤ system. With 5-axis, 5 shutter step⁤ camera shake compensation, this camera ⁤ensures crisp ‍and sharp images, even ⁢when shooting handheld. Furthermore, the dustproof and weather-resistant construction,​ with 87 weather seals, provides‌ durability and peace ⁢of mind, ⁤allowing photographers to confidently shoot in​ various weather conditions. The⁤ dust removal II mechanism is also a​ notable feature that effectively‌ removes dust particles from the image sensor, preventing unwanted spots from‌ appearing in captured images.

To further enhance its functionality, ⁤the K-1 Mark II offers a‌ dual card slot‍ for large-volume image ⁤data filing, ⁣and a flexible‌ tilt-type LCD monitor, which can be adjusted to any⁤ desired angle along the optical axis. Another creative feature is the ASTROTRACER technology,‌ which simplifies astronomical photography of celestial bodies without the need for an equatorial mount, making it ​ideal for astrophotography enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the Pentax K-1 Mark II with D-FA ‌28-105⁤ WR Lens is a highly recommended ⁢full frame ‍camera that ​exceeds expectations in⁢ terms of image‌ quality, versatility, and durability. It is a fantastic choice for photographers seeking ‌a reliable and feature-packed camera that​ can produce impressive and artistic results.

Customer ⁣Reviews Analysis

The Ultimate Tool for Artistic ⁣Photography: Pentax K-1 Mark II with D-FA 28-105 ⁤WR Lens

Customer Reviews Analysis

We have compiled several customer reviews for the Pentax K-1 Mark II with‍ D-FA 28-105 WR Lens below:

Review Opinion
The camera:‍ I primarily use the K1ii ⁤for‌ landscape⁤ and concert photography. I bought the K1II as a kit with the 28-105, and also use it with ‍the FA 43⁤ and ⁤DFA 100 ⁢macro primes. I’ve had a K3II for four​ years, which I’m still using⁢ with DA-series zooms. It’s surprising how much has improved⁢ with ‌the K1II. Resolution and image quality are obviously better, and the auto ‍noise ⁢reduction at high ISO is​ quite useful and not intrusive​ at ‍all. Color reproduction is beautiful and I believe better than the k3ii. Autofocus, ‌ergonomics, controls are also much better, ⁤small improvements that⁢ add⁢ up and⁢ make it ⁣very enjoyable ​to use. I quite ⁢like the rear lcd and three dial control system. It still feels solid‌ and bombproof, and I trust⁢ to use it in wet conditions or very low temperatures if the‍ lens is also weather resistant. Jpegs ​are⁣ also quite a bit better than the k3ii, although to get⁤ the most out ‌of the sensor you really should develop from raw. Positive
The lens: This DFA 28-105 is⁤ great, it ⁢compares very well with my ‍other similar-ish zoom, the DA 16-85 (for apsc). it’s sharp,‌ focuses fast, has pleasant bokeh, and​ it’s weather sealed. As ‍a ‌landscape lens on a tripod, it’s surprisingly versatile. Better filters are affordable because‌ of the relatively small diameter. Positive
I ​absolutely ⁣LOVE this camera. I use it with my ⁣vintage K mount lenses & now with my m42 glass since Pentax makes a recessed ⁢adapter with the proper flange distance. Dynamic Range & Resolution is absolutely fantastic. Love the camera. Also Pixel Shift is wonderful if your subject & ‌camera‌ is locked off. If ​you shoot in ⁤raw⁤ it packs all⁤ 4 ​images into a single raw file so you still keep ⁢all your dynamic range & image editing flexibility. Far superior to building the pixel shift images in post IMO Positive
This camera⁢ is much heavier and larger than my K-70 and does not work with many APS-C lenses without loss of picture quality but, ​it is⁢ well worth the extra‍ weight and smaller number of lenses ⁤available due to the beauty ⁣of the finished product. Positive
I bought it because of its‌ full frame sensor. However soon I realized that⁢ people are moving ⁤towards mirrorless which is future and ⁣mechanical shutter will soon become obsolete. That’s why I suggest that​ spend a ⁣few ⁣more money and go ⁤for mirrorless full frames instead of DSLRs. Neutral
A first-class quality camera with stunning picture quality and giving more than plenty of in-camera adjustment.‌ Definitely ‌outclasses all rivals in the FF 35mm class. Positive
Wow fantastic upgrade. Went from the k3 to ⁢this. And let me tell you. The noise reduction in nearly night shots is ‌worth it. Also, I usually use primes. But the kit lens paired with this ‌camera is ⁤phenomenal. Great for a wide variety of shots. Image quality is superb. Astrotracer is ⁢very cool. Can’t wait for a really clear night. The 77mm limited is so much better on ‍this ‍camera compared to the K3. The K1 is a little bigger than the⁢ K3, and a little ‌heavier. But not ‌by much. The ‍sensor stabilization ⁤is way better on this as well. Positive
Am using some of my old prime lenses and ‍having a lot of fun looking at the results. Since this is an upgrade for me, I am familiar with Pentax menu systems, so the learning curve was a little quicker. Positive
Not great for action photography – as a landscape camera ⁢- as good as they come! Positive
Although it is a DSLR camera with a built-in‍ mirror mechanism, it performs extremely well in all aspects except in ​video shooting performances, as compared to ⁣most mirrorless cameras today.⁤ It has a 36 MP image sensor, with​ uniquely first of all,⁣ a Full ⁤Frame DSLR with a built-in body stabilizer system. The video features of⁣ this camera are considered behind ⁤in today’s standard. ​It is a ⁤bulky DSLR ⁣camera but importantly well balanced on hand.‌ With excellent features which ⁢can admire most demanding ⁢professional photographers still in today. Positive
I have always liked the Pentax brand and am very impressed with them. I ⁣received ⁣my camera today but not checked‍ yet. I use ‍the ‍camera for astrophotography. Positive
This is a ‍lot of camera for the ‍price. This camera has even⁤ better picture quality than the more expensive Nikon D810 &⁤ Canon 5D Mark⁣ 4. Without​ pixel shift, with pixel shift, it simply⁤ blows them out of the water. Dynamic range‌ is amazing. Ergonomics nothing else can stand ​to it.⁢ Shutter ‍life is rated ⁢300,000 so it’s essentially double the​ shutter ​life of competitors. Low light performance is class-leading. Seriously, go grab one. Pictures look amazing on my 65″ TV and in large prints. I don’t⁢ think‌ anything can beat its IQ even the Nikon ⁢D850 only medium formats. Stir away if⁢ you want an⁤ action camera ⁤though. For‍ that, grab Sony. Positive
I’ve always liked Pentax, from my 35mm film camera to my K-50, but the K1 ⁤MkII is going to be pretty⁤ tough to beat unless moving up to medium format. Maybe they ⁢will⁣ one ⁢day come out with a K1 that ‍will have a built-in flash, which ⁤is ‌the only downside. ‍Also, for the money, it could have ⁢at least come with one‍ SD card. Positive

Based on the reviews, it is evident that the Pentax K-1 Mark II with D-FA 28-105​ WR Lens is ⁣highly praised by customers, with the majority of reviews highlighting the following positive aspects:

  • Improved resolution and image quality
  • Effective auto noise reduction at high ISO
  • Beautiful color reproduction
  • Enhanced autofocus, ergonomics, and controls
  • Weather‌ resistance and durability
  • Superb lens performance
  • Compatibility⁤ with vintage lenses
  • Impressive dynamic range and resolution
  • Great in-camera adjustment options
  • Excellent low light ⁢performance

However, there were a few neutral or negative​ opinions regarding​ the‍ camera, such as its ‌weight and size compared to APS-C‌ cameras,‍ the recommendation for⁤ mirrorless full-frame‌ cameras,⁣ and the lack of video shooting features.

Overall, the Pentax K-1 Mark II with D-FA 28-105⁢ WR Lens seems to be ⁢a‍ highly regarded camera for landscape ⁤and non-action photography, offering outstanding image quality, ‍versatility, and a robust build.

Pros &⁣ Cons

The Ultimate Tool for Artistic Photography: Pentax K-1 Mark II with ‌D-FA 28-105‍ WR Lens


  1. High resolution: ⁤The Pentax K-1 Mark II delivers outstanding image quality with its 36.4 megapixel sensor, ensuring clear and detailed pictures.
  2. Advanced image-processing system: With its ‌state-of-the-art imaging processing ⁣system, this camera produces rich⁣ colors, subtle‌ shades, and stunning bokeh rendition.
  3. Optical Viewfinder with nearly ⁣100% field of view: The​ clear view of the subject and ease of focus ⁣provided by the optical⁤ viewfinder make it easier to ⁤capture incredible shots.
  4. Top sensitivity ⁣of ISO819200: Even in low light situations, the K-1 Mark ⁢II’s high sensitivity improves image⁢ quality, resulting in sharp and⁣ noise-free photos.
  5. 5-axis shake reduction ‌II:‍ The new-generation shake reduction system compensates for camera shake, allowing​ for sharper images, even in challenging shooting conditions.
  6. Dustproof ​and weather-resistant ‌construction: With 87 weather seals and a watertight design, the K-1 Mark II can ⁣withstand harsh environments, preventing water and dust intrusion.
  7. Dust removal II mechanism:‍ This⁤ feature effectively removes dust particles from the image sensor surface, preserving the⁤ image quality by eliminating unwanted spots.
  8. Dual card slot: The camera supports⁤ large-volume image data filing with its dual SD card slots.
  9. Flexible tilt-type LCD‍ monitor: The innovative​ tilt‌ mechanism allows the monitor to be adjusted to any desired angle along the optical axis, providing more flexibility in composing ⁤shots.
  10. ASTROTRACER: The K-1 Mark II simplifies astronomical photography with its GPS module, Electronic Compass, and SR II mechanism, eliminating the need for‍ an equatorial mount.


While the Pentax K-1 Mark​ II with D-FA 28-105 WR Lens offers numerous impressive features, there are a few downsides to⁢ consider:

  • Cost: The K-1 Mark II is a professional-grade camera, and its price may be prohibitive for hobbyist photographers or ⁤those on a​ budget.
  • Size and ⁢weight: ⁣As a full-frame DSLR, this camera is larger and heavier ‌than entry-level models, making it less portable for extended travel or casual shooting.
  • Limited⁢ lens options: Compared to other camera systems, Pentax’s lens lineup is not as extensive, which​ may limit lens choices and availability for specific photography needs.
  • Complex functionality: ‌With its advanced features and menus, the K-1⁣ Mark II ⁢may have a steeper learning curve for beginners ⁢or⁣ those unfamiliar with Pentax DSLRs.


The Ultimate Tool for Artistic Photography: Pentax K-1 Mark II with​ D-FA 28-105 WR Lens
Q: Is the Pentax K-1 ​Mark II suitable ⁣for professional​ photographers?

A:‍ Yes, the Pentax K-1 Mark ​II is designed to meet the demanding needs of ⁢professional photographers. With its‍ high resolution of 36.4 megapixels, advanced image-processing system, and excellent low-light performance, this camera is capable of capturing stunning images with ‍rich colors and incredible detail.

Q: How does the ⁢camera’s shake reduction system work?

A: The Pentax K-1 ‌Mark II features a new-generation shake reduction II system, ​which employs a 5-axis, 5 shutter step compensation mechanism. This technology effectively reduces⁤ camera shake, allowing for ⁤sharp images even when shooting handheld⁢ or in challenging conditions. You can capture clear and⁣ blur-free photos, ensuring your artistic vision is faithfully represented.

Q: Is the camera weather-resistant?

A: Absolutely! The Pentax K-1 Mark II is constructed ‌with 87​ weather seals, making it dustproof and weather-resistant. This rugged design ensures the camera can withstand harsh environments, providing peace of mind for outdoor and travel photographers. Additionally, when used with ⁤the optional⁢ D-BG6 Battery Grip, ⁤the camera becomes even more watertight, ‍preventing water and dust intrusion.

Q: Does the camera have a‍ dust​ removal‍ mechanism?

A: Yes, the Pentax K-1⁢ Mark II features a dust removal II mechanism. This effectively removes any dust particles from​ the⁣ image sensor surface, preventing unwanted spots from appearing on your captured​ images. With this feature, ​you can⁣ maintain the ​highest image quality and minimize post-processing time.

Q: What is the benefit of the flexible tilt-type LCD monitor?

A: The innovative mechanism of the flexible tilt-type LCD monitor allows you to tilt ‍it ⁤to any desired angle along the optical axis. This feature is ⁢incredibly useful for‍ various shooting situations, ‍such as⁢ shooting from low or high angles or capturing images with challenging compositions. It provides additional flexibility and enhances your ​overall shooting experience.

Q: Can the camera be used for astronomical photography?

A: Yes, the Pentax K-1 Mark II is equipped with ASTROTRACER technology.‌ By utilizing its GPS module, Electronic Compass, and SR II mechanism, this camera simplifies astronomical⁤ photography of celestial bodies. You can⁢ capture stunning images of stars and other celestial objects without the need for‍ an equatorial mount, making it a great tool for astrophotography​ enthusiasts.

Q: How does the dual card slot work?

A: The Pentax K-1 Mark II has ⁣the⁢ convenience of two​ SD memory card slots, allowing for large-volume ⁣image data​ filing. With this feature, ‌you can easily organize and‌ store your ‍photos, especially when shooting in RAW format.⁤ The dual card slot ​ensures you⁣ have ample storage space, giving you peace of mind on those ⁣long photography sessions ⁢or‍ important assignments.

Q: What makes the Pentax K-1 Mark II stand out​ among other full-frame cameras?

A: The Pentax K-1 Mark II stands out due to its impressive⁢ image quality, advanced technology, and rugged construction. With its rich colors, high resolution, and exceptional low-light performance, this camera is truly a tool for creating artistic photography.⁢ Its weather-resistant ‍construction and shake reduction system further enhance its capabilities, making it ⁢a top choice for professional photographers who demand the best.
The Ultimate Tool for Artistic Photography: Pentax K-1 Mark II with D-FA 28-105 WR Lens
In conclusion,‌ the Pentax​ K-1 Mark II with D-FA 28-105 WR Lens is truly the ultimate ⁣tool for⁢ artistic‍ photography.⁣ With its rich colors, subtle shades, and exceptional depth, this camera elevates your photographs into impressive works of art. The advanced image-processing system ensures high resolution and ⁤superb bokeh rendition, while the 5-axis,⁣ 5-step shake reduction II compensates ⁣for camera shake, resulting in sharp and clear images.

The weather-resistant construction and dustproof design make the K-1 Mark II a reliable companion in any condition, whether you’re ⁤shooting in ⁣rain⁢ or dusty environments. ⁤Additionally, the tilt-type LCD monitor allows for flexible shooting angles, giving ​you even more creative ​freedom.

But that’s not all. ‌With its dual card slot, you can easily ⁢store large-volume image data on ‌two SD memory cards.​ And⁢ the innovative ASTROTRACER feature simplifies astronomical photography without the need for an‍ equatorial mount.

If you’re ready to take your photography to the next level and create true works of art,​ the Pentax K-1 Mark II with D-FA 28-105 WR Lens is the camera for you. Click here ‌to get your‍ hands​ on this remarkable tool and unlock ​your artistic vision: [Click here to visit the product on](

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