Discover the Sony DSC-W810: Capturing Moments with Style and Precision

We are thrilled to present⁢ our first-hand experience with the Sony DSC-W810. This compact‌ camera has ⁣truly blown us away with its impressive features and functionality. With a 20.1 MP Super HAD CCD sensor, the DSC-W810 allows​ you to capture every scene⁣ with stunning detail. Whether you ⁢are zooming in on distant friends ⁣or objects with its ⁤6x optical zoom,⁣ or⁤ focusing on a subject with its auto-focus capabilities, this camera delivers sharp and detailed results every ⁣time.

What sets the DSC-W810 apart from‍ other cameras is its ability to record HD 720p videos. At the ⁤touch of a⁣ button, you⁢ can easily switch from capturing photos to filming movies and instantly relive those special moments with your friends. Its Fête⁤ mode automatically adjusts the ⁣camera settings​ for low light environments, ensuring bright​ and‌ sharp photos at parties or night events.

One standout feature of the DSC-W810 is its built-in SteadyShot image stabilization. This feature minimizes any blur or shake ‌caused by hand movements, ‌resulting in clear and crisp photos even when zooming​ in. Additionally, ⁢the camera offers⁢ a panorama mode that allows you to ‍capture attractive 360° scenes by seamlessly stitching together multiple shots.

In conclusion, the Sony DSC-W810 is a highly versatile and user-friendly camera that delivers superior image quality‍ and ‍impressive video capabilities. Whether ‌you are an amateur photographer or a seasoned professional, this camera is sure ⁢to exceed your⁢ expectations. Stay⁣ tuned⁣ as we delve deeper into ⁤its features and explore its performance in various⁢ settings.


Discover the Sony DSC-W810: Capturing Moments with Style and Precision
The Sony DSC-W810 is a compact camera with a powerful⁤ 20.1‌ MP sensor, allowing you to capture every⁣ scene with stunning detail. The Super HAD CCD ⁢sensor ensures high​ resolution and image quality, ‌making it easy⁢ to capture the⁣ beauty of any moment. Plus, with a​ 6x optical zoom, you can get ‍up close to your subject even if they are far​ away, ensuring you‌ never miss out on any ​action.

One of the standout features of the DSC-W810 is its⁣ autofocus capabilities. With multiple autofocus modes, ‍including‍ auto-focus weighted in the center, face tracking, multi-point auto focus, and subject tracking, you can effortlessly lock onto your subject and achieve ⁤detailed and sharp results. Additionally, the camera​ comes⁢ with ‌a built-in‍ image stabilizer called SteadyShot, ⁤which reduces blur caused by shaky hands, ‍ensuring your photos⁢ are always clear, even when zooming in.

The DSC-W810 ​also offers several shooting modes to enhance your photography experience. The Party⁢ mode automatically ⁤adjusts the camera settings⁣ in low-light conditions, allowing you‌ to capture bright and sharp photos at parties or night events. ⁢And if you’re in the mood⁢ for creating stunning panoramic shots, the camera’s ​sweep panorama feature automatically‌ stitches​ together a series of⁢ images to create a‌ wide-angle view of the entire scene. Overall, the Sony ‌DSC-W810 is a feature-packed camera that allows you to have fun and⁤ capture beautiful moments with ease.

Features and Performance

Discover the Sony DSC-W810: Capturing Moments with Style and Precision
In terms of , the Sony DSC-W810 offers a range of options ​that make it a versatile and reliable compact camera. With a 20.1 MP Super HAD CCD sensor, it allows us to capture every detail of the scene with stunning clarity. Whether we’re shooting landscapes ‍or close-up portraits, this ‍camera ensures that we can easily and effortlessly ⁣capture the beauty of each moment.

One of the standout features of⁤ the DSC-W810 is ​its 6x ⁤optical​ zoom. This allows us to get closer⁣ to the action even when our subject ​is far away. Whether⁣ we’re at a sporting ‍event ‍or trying to capture ⁣a fleeting moment, this zoom capability ensures that we don’t miss out on ‌any important details. Additionally, the ⁢autofocus function​ tracks our​ subject automatically, ensuring that our images are always sharp and detailed.

Another ​impressive feature of the DSC-W810 is its ability to shoot HD⁤ 720p videos.⁤ With just the press of a ⁢button, we can record ‍high-definition videos and instantly share them with our friends and family. The camera’s SteadyShot image stabilization technology ensures that⁣ our ⁣videos are smooth ‌and free ​from‍ blur, even when zooming in. Moreover, the camera’s Party ⁣Mode automatically⁣ adjusts the settings for low-light conditions, enabling us to capture bright and sharp photos during nighttime events.

Lastly, the DSC-W810 offers a 360° panorama feature, allowing⁢ us to‍ capture expansive scenes⁤ in a single photo. By simply sweeping the‌ camera, it automatically combines multiple⁤ images to create breathtaking panoramas. Overall,​ with ‍its ​impressive ,‌ the Sony ⁤DSC-W810 ‌is a reliable and versatile compact camera that allows us ⁤to capture memorable moments​ with ease and precision.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

Discover the Sony DSC-W810:⁢ Capturing​ Moments with Style and Precision

We were highly impressed with the Sony DSC-W810 and its features. The 20.1 ​MP Super HAD CCD sensor produced stunningly⁤ detailed images, allowing⁢ us to ⁣capture the beauty of ​every scene effortlessly. The zoom range of up ⁤to 6x allowed⁣ us to get closer to the⁤ action, even when our subjects were far away.⁢ The autofocus system worked flawlessly, ensuring that⁢ our ⁤subjects were always sharp and detailed.

One of the ​standout features of the Sony DSC-W810 is its⁤ ability to shoot HD 720p videos. We found this to be‌ incredibly convenient as⁣ we could instantly play back the videos and relive the moment with our friends. The camera also excelled in low-light conditions with its Party mode, which automatically adjusted the⁢ camera‍ settings to capture bright and clear photos at nighttime events.

We were particularly impressed with the SteadyShot‍ image stabilization feature, which eliminated any ‌blurriness caused by shaky hands, even when zooming. This ensured that our photos ‍were always sharp and⁢ crisp. The⁤ panorama function was another highlight,​ allowing us ‍to capture breathtaking ⁣360-degree⁢ scenes ‌effortlessly.

Overall, the Sony DSC-W810 ⁣is a ⁤versatile and⁢ user-friendly compact camera that delivers excellent image‌ quality and a range of useful features. It is⁣ suitable for beginners and enthusiasts alike, and we highly recommend it for anyone looking to capture beautiful memories with ease.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Discover the Sony‍ DSC-W810: ⁣Capturing Moments with Style and‍ Precision

After analyzing the‍ customer reviews for⁢ the⁢ Sony DSC-W810, we have ⁣gathered valuable‌ insights that ​can help you make an informed decision about this camera.⁣ Here are the key⁤ points we found:

Inaccurate Product Information

One‍ customer pointed out that ⁣the camera was delivered⁢ without a memory card, which was not mentioned in the product information. They ⁣had to purchase a separate memory‍ card. This lack of‌ clarity in product details can be frustrating, so⁣ it is important to be aware of this when considering the Sony ⁤DSC-W810.

Complicated User Interface

Another ‌customer found the camera’s operation to be cumbersome. They mentioned that the included instructional material was ⁤misleading, as the settings had to be configured differently from what⁢ was described. This complexity ​in ⁣the user interface​ might not be suitable ⁢for those seeking a⁤ simple and straightforward camera.

Positive Reviews for Compact Size and Ease of Use

Despite the criticisms, a ⁣customer⁢ was satisfied with​ the small and compact size ⁢of the Sony DSC-W810. They also found it easy ⁤to operate. This positive ⁣feedback suggests that the camera can ⁤be a good option for⁢ those prioritizing portability and user-friendly features.

Low Performance for Action Shots

One ⁣customer expressed disappointment with the camera’s performance in ⁤capturing⁢ action shots. They found it to be too slow and the automatic settings to be lacking. This limitation could make the ⁤Sony DSC-W810 less suitable for situations ⁢requiring fast and accurate⁢ photo⁣ or video capturing.

Price Consideration

According to ​a reviewer,⁤ the Sony DSC-W810 seemed overpriced for its quality. They specifically mentioned unsatisfactory results when‌ photographing and recording videos at a horse sport event. They ⁢eventually resorted to using their smartphone camera, ⁢which provided better results. Considering the price and intended usage is vital before purchasing ‌this camera.

Positive Reviews Negative Reviews
Schöne kleine Kamera, einfach zu bedienen Complicated interface, inaccurate product ​information, low performance for action shots
Compact size, unobtrusive Overpriced for quality, better alternatives available

Considering the mixed reviews, it is​ recommended to weigh your needs and​ preferences, with consideration of the limitations mentioned by some customers. While the​ Sony DSC-W810 has its⁣ strengths in size and ​simplicity, it may not be the ideal choice for those seeking advanced features and high-performance capabilities.

Pros & Cons

Discover the Sony DSC-W810: Capturing Moments ​with Style and Precision


  1. High ⁤resolution sensor (20.1 MP) allows for capturing detailed and sharp images.
  2. 6x optical zoom and 48x⁢ digital zoom​ provide the flexibility to capture subjects that are far away.
  3. Various Auto Focusing (AF) modes (Auto-focus⁣ weighted center, Face tracking, Multi Point Auto⁤ Focus, ⁢and Tracking⁤ autofocus) ensure that your subject is always in focus.
  4. Minimum focus distance of 0.05m allows for close-up shots with great detail.
  5. Multiple ISO ⁢sensitivity options ⁣(100, 200, 400,⁤ 800, Auto) ​enable capturing photos in‍ different lighting conditions.
  6. Exposure compensation of ±2EV (1/3EV ‍step) ⁢allows for adjusting the brightness level of your photos.
  7. SteadyShot image stabilizer minimizes blurriness caused by camera shakes, ensuring sharp and ⁤clear photos even when zoomed in.
  8. Party mode automatically adjusts camera settings in low-light conditions,⁤ resulting in bright and crisp photos.
  9. Ability to ⁣capture HD ⁣720p videos​ with just ‌a touch⁢ of a button.
  10. 360-degree ⁣panorama scanning creates ‍stunning wide-angle photos.


  • Only supports 720p⁢ video recording, ​not full HD.
  • No built-in⁤ Wi-Fi or⁢ Bluetooth for easy and instant sharing of photos and ⁢videos.
  • No touch screen functionality for easier navigation and settings adjustment.
  • Zoom range⁣ could be limited compared to⁤ other cameras in the same price range.
  • May ⁣not be suitable for professional‍ photographers looking⁣ for advanced features and manual controls.

Our Verdict

The Sony DSC-W810 is a compact camera that offers a high-resolution sensor, decent ⁢zoom⁤ range, and useful features like image stabilization and party mode. While it may not have the most advanced capabilities or full HD video recording, it is a reliable and convenient option for ‌capturing everyday moments with style and precision.


Discover the⁣ Sony DSC-W810: Capturing Moments with Style and Precision
Q: What are ⁤the key features ⁣of the Sony DSC-W810?

A: ‌The Sony DSC-W810 boasts a 20.1 MP ⁣sensor, ‌allowing‌ you to capture the finest details in every scene. With a powerful 6x optical zoom, you can⁤ bring distant subjects closer ‌and capture all the action with​ ease.⁢ The camera also features various auto focusing modes, including face tracking and⁣ multi-point autofocus, ensuring your subjects are always in focus. Additionally, you can shoot HD 720p videos at the touch of a button and instantly share them ‍with friends. In low-light conditions, ⁣the camera automatically ‌adjusts settings for bright and sharp party shots. The built-in ⁤SteadyShot⁤ image stabilizer‍ eliminates blurriness caused by ⁤camera⁤ shake, ensuring your photos are always clear, even when‌ zooming in. Plus, you can create stunning 360° panoramas with the panorama scan feature. Overall, the Sony DSC-W810 is packed with exciting features that allow you to capture and relive your favorite moments with style and precision.

Q: How does the Sony DSC-W810⁣ perform in‍ low-light conditions?

A: The Sony DSC-W810 performs admirably in low-light conditions. With its Party Mode, the camera automatically adjusts settings to ensure bright and sharp ⁣photos in ⁤dimly lit environments. ⁢Whether you’re capturing memories at⁢ a party or snapping photos in a candlelit room, ​you can trust the W810 to ‌deliver ​impressive results. ‌No need⁣ to worry about blurry or dark images ⁢– the camera’s advanced features help you⁤ capture stunning shots even in challenging lighting situations.

Q: Does ⁣the ⁢Sony DSC-W810 have built-in image stabilization?

A: Yes, the Sony DSC-W810 is​ equipped with⁤ a built-in SteadyShot image stabilizer. ⁢This feature⁣ reduces the blurriness caused by camera shake,​ allowing you to capture ⁢clear and sharp photos, even when zooming in. Whether‌ you’re shooting handheld or on the move, the image stabilizer ensures your photos turn ⁣out crisp and blur-free.

Q: Can I shoot videos with the ⁢Sony DSC-W810?

A: Absolutely! The Sony DSC-W810 allows you to shoot videos in HD 720p ​resolution. Simply press the⁣ dedicated video button and ⁣start recording‌ your favorite‌ moments. Once you’ve captured your footage, you can instantly review and ⁢share your videos with friends and family. With the W810, you have the convenience of ‍capturing both photos ‌and videos with one versatile device.

Q: How does the panorama ‌scan ⁣feature work on the Sony DSC-W810?

A: The panorama scan feature on the Sony DSC-W810 enables you to capture breathtaking 360° panoramas. Simply press the shutter button ⁢and sweep the​ camera across the ‍scene. The camera will automatically ⁣stitch together a series of ⁤rapidly captured images to create a stunning⁣ panorama. This ​feature is perfect for capturing wide landscapes, group shots, or scenic views. With the W810’s panorama scan, you can see and capture more of the world around you.

Q: What accessories are included with the Sony DSC-W810?

A: ‍When you purchase the Sony⁢ DSC-W810, you’ll ​receive the camera itself, a rechargeable‍ battery pack, a micro USB cable, an AC adapter, a wrist strap, and a⁣ user manual.‍ Additionally, you may want to consider purchasing a memory‌ card to expand the camera’s storage capacity, as well as a carrying case for added protection while on the‍ go.
Discover the Sony DSC-W810: Capturing Moments with Style and Precision
In conclusion, the Sony DSC-W810 is a compact camera that offers​ both style and precision ‌when⁣ capturing moments. With a 20.1 ​MP sensor and a 6x optical zoom, this camera allows you to ‍easily capture‌ the beauty of every scene. Whether your friends or the subject are far away, the autofocus feature allows you to⁣ effortlessly focus on your ⁤subject for detailed and sharp results.

Not only does the Sony DSC-W810 excel⁢ in photography, but it also allows you to create and share HD movies with just a ⁤single ⁤button press. The camera adjusts automatically in low-light situations, ensuring bright and clear‍ party shots. Additionally, the ⁣built-in SteadyShot feature reduces image blurring caused by shaking,⁣ resulting in⁢ smooth and sharp photos⁢ even when zooming.

With⁣ the ⁢panorama sweep function, you‍ can even capture stunning 360-degree panoramas, allowing you to see the bigger picture. The Sony DSC-W810 truly offers a range of features that cater to every photography enthusiast.

So, why wait? Capture your memories with ⁢style and precision⁣ using the Sony⁤ DSC-W810. Click here to get yours now:‌ Happy clicking!

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Discover the Sony DSC-W810: Capturing Moments with Style and Precision - Discover the Sony DSC-W810: Capturing Moments with Style and Precision * Discover the Sony DSC-W810: Capturing Moments with Style and Precision | Discover the Sony DSC-W810: Capturing Moments with Style and Precision | Discover the Sony DSC-W810: Capturing Moments with Style and Precision | Discover the Sony DSC-W810: Capturing Moments with Style and Precision | | Discover the Sony DSC-W810: Capturing Moments with Style and Precision | | Discover the Sony DSC-W810: Capturing Moments with Style and Precision |